Hair Growth Liquid Spray



20ml Hair Growth Liquid Spray Extra Strength of Hair Anti Hair loss Essence


  • Name: fast hair growth Yuda pilatory

  • Including product: liquid 1 pc of 20 ml

  • Save: in a cool, dry place

  • The main role: to promote the normal growth of hair, hair follicles to improve the development of symptoms, so that hair becomes variable and longer.

  • Use: sooner or later each take a small amount of essence in front of the mirror carefully applied to the hair root, if the effect is quick, can be coated 4 to 5 times a day. Under normal circumstances the use of 1 to 2 months hair will be improved, the normal use of the state of a bottle (20ml) available for a month, such as the use of increased area, the use of increased or increased use of the number of times with the use of time to reduce.

  • 99% of people have the effect (another 1% of the people are: skin injuries such as burns, scars, etc. no effect, seeking truth from facts!), As long as you insist on, there will be a surprise, of course, if you want a few days and nights Want to see the effect that is unlikely, and what things should be a process, but also the law of natural growth, unlike the description of the eyebrow, fake beard, a little down on the line, anxious to see the effect of a few days do not shoot (The owner can not help you).

  • For the best nutritious hair effect gently massage into the scalp after spraying.

  • Alert type: As for your health, pls use it normally and with care, any doubt feel free to contact with us, our products are 100% original from the official supplier.

Product Composition:

  • Yew natural wild, ginkgo, root fleece-flower, astragalus, ginseng, Oriental Arborvitae, Dodder, Velvet, Eclipta, white skin of moss, Chuanxiong, Salvia, Tianma, Speranskia, Angelica sinensis, Ganoderma lucidum.- forty-six types of herbs Manufactured after forty-nine days.


  • For seborrheic alopecia, androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata, physical alopecia, alopecia chemistry, female postpartum alopecia, alopecia female menopause, head mites and blood circulation of the head, blocked hair follicles, hair roots malnutrition, loss of hair Excessive hair caused by a variety of brain.

  • This is the most effective hair spray growth with ginseng extract, ginger extract hair growth ingredient, without any side effect, help you to grow hair quickly.


  • 1x Hair Growth Liquid


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